Akosombo Leisure Experience
View the scenic and striking landscape of the undulating Akwapim-Togo mountain range as you dance to the sounds of Ghanaian highlife
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The Executive Escape
Tour of the magical landscapes interweaving the Bandiagara Cliffs and mystical cosmology of Dogon Country
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Cape Coast Historical Tour
Tour the infamous Slave Castles and Dungeons which impact is still felt beyond the shores of Africa today
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Togo and Benin Cultural Tour
Visit Ganvie, the village on stilts commonly referred to as Venice of West Africa!

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Volta Nature Tour
Looking for an ecological adventure? Conquer the highest mountain in West Africa.
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Kumasi Cultural Tour
Explore the legendary gold and rich culture of the Ashanti Kingdom

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Mole Eco Tour
Perfect tour for the adventurous wildlife lover

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