Neglected Rolex Balance System

Every movement of technological change, are the forefront of the concept of mechanical watchmaking exploration, or will go down in history, or flash in the pan, in any case, the infinite square may always be the most traction love the heart of the watch. Rolex, headquartered in Geneva, a well-known watch company, known in the world of watches and clocks, no super-complex functions, there is no fine polished polished movement, but no limits, but now the world famous watch altar legend. Rolex watch factory Starting with Cal.3235 On: equipped with 3235 movement of the log type: equipped with 3255 movement of the calendar type Since the mid-century, Rolex series of exterior design in the continuous subtle evolution, but never from the case of rebellion, movement technology breakthroughs and development, but rarely in the surface of the mountain dew, so that if not carefully Asked, you can not determine the watch and movement in the past and what is different in the end. Last year (2015), uk replica watches has released two new movement: Cal.3235 and Cal.3255. Most people know Cal.3255, but very few people know Cal.3235, in the history of the Rolex log movement and the Sunday calendar movement, if there are important technological innovations, often with the launch, like 1977 Cal .3035 launch, appeared together with Cal.3055, 1988 Cal.3135 instead of Cal.3035, Cal.3055 Cal.3155 also be replaced. Each number change is an important technological innovation Rolex important 3 series movement evolution From the initial Cal.3035 to today's Cal.3235, after a small 40-year period, during the large and small technological change is too much, and each number change, is an important technological innovation, of course, the severity of the points . Cal.3035 to Cal.3135, and Cal.3135 to Cal.3235, basically the movement of the version of the road design has done a very large adjustment, the difference between these numbers is obvious. The Cal.3135 to Cal.3136, the main shock absorber KIF into the Rolex patent Paraflex. Movement number at the beginning of the number of changes, the direct function of the movement and the type of complete change, that is completely different from the two movements. Rolex's special structure - the balance wheel gap fine-tuning screws Rolex 3255 movement has been improved gear train So, in 2015 the new Cal.3255, and the previous Cal.3155, there is a fundamental difference, but not beyond the scope of the movement type, they are Sunday calendar type replica watches uk (referred to as DD) exclusive movement. So where is the difference? I think most of the difference, we have already known at the beginning of the year, such as winding barrel wall thinning 50%, using the new paramagnetic Chronergy escapement (15% efficiency), escapement fork than the previous generation of fine 50%, dynamic storage increased to 70 hours, more than 90% of the movement parts of the re-design or change, the accuracy of the original Observatory certification twice, 14 patents and so on. But there is a more detailed changes, but little-known, this change is not a small, but very conspicuous, in fact, should not be ignored, that is, the pendulum bridge fine-tuning screws. Two fine adjustment screws in the Rolex Cal.3130 movement Speaking of this fine-tuning screw, it is the first time in 3XXX basic movement, but not in 2015, so it is not a new technology, but Cal.3235 or Cal.3255, it is a Modification of the sort. In the Cal.3235 / Cal.3255, the balance wheel bridge plate compared to the previous generation made a very significant change, in addition to the original fine-tuning screws, With screws fixed to the bridge plate above the clip disappeared, the bridge plate under the original two fine-tuning screws, and now only one. The role of this screw is by adjusting the position of the swing bridge plate, to fine-tune the amount of balance wheel gap, in the installation process, the bridge plate position deviation will directly affect the position of pendulum, which affects travel time. The two fine-tuning screws, since the 30XX Rolex single bridge plate (strip), after the transition to 31XX series movement there, which also shows that, although the arm bridge than the original single-arm splint to be more swatch and reliable , Position accuracy is better, but not perfect, once the position deviation, there is no room for fine-tuning. With arms swing bridge plate Audemars Piguet 3120 movement In all of the swiss replica watches modern movement, as long as the double-arm bridge plate balance structure, under the plywood has a fine-tuning structure, this initiative to ensure that even in the long years of use, if pendulum or plywood position offset, There are ways to adjust, without the need for replacement parts, which for the latter part of the maintenance provided a greater convenience. With the advantages of the stability of the double-arm bridge is more and more well known, many brands are also using double-arm bridge, such as Omega 85xx series, 9xxx series and other new generation of coaxial movement, and Audemars Piguet, , Count, etc., but without exception, in addition to Rolex swing bridge under the use of fine-tuning screws, the other brands are not similar to the fine-tuning structure (patent impact? I do not know whether the watch friends know). Rolex 3255 movement substrate In the 31XX series of Rolex movement, the clamp plate is under the two fine-tuning screws, their edges are part of the exposed outside, next to the substrate will leave a certain gap, to facilitate the tools to fine-tune the two screws. By 2015, after the 32XX movement, this has changed, the bridge side of the fine-tuning screws removed, and the other side of the fine-tuning screws are still, but out of thin air there is a fine-tune the screws with the scale. In the Rolex official introduction, this structure is ignored, because this is not a new technology, and has been "used" for 16 years. Rolex 3255 spinner structure In fact, this fine-tuning screw, below the gear, and the bottom of the original fine-tuning screws. The benefits of scale with the obvious, very easy to fine-tune the quantitative, each scale can fine-tune the amount of the official internal information should be documented. Cancel a fine-tuning screws, may be considered unilateral fine-tuning is sufficient, fine-tuning on both sides of the ineviwatch than the fine-tuning to a number of trouble, accuracy is more difficult to grasp. Balance wheel gap fine-tuning of the screw 16 years Rolex 2235 movement As mentioned before, this technology is not new technology, look at all modern Rolex movement, since the introduction of 2230 (2235) in 1999, this structure has been the prototype, when the additional fine-tuning screws, Nor with the balance wheel bridge integrated together. Rolex 4130 movement fine-tuning structure By 2000, with a series of movement structure, parts of the change, the use of the structure of the Cal.4130 chronograph movement has been replaced since 1989, using the 11-year-old 4030-type movement, and this structure has also been Semi-integrated into the pendulum plate (in 2235, the fine adjustment screw is not a whole piece of the clamping plate to 4130, it and fine-tuning screws share the swing plate). Rolex 9001 movement 2012, Rolex Sky-Dweller come out, launched with the Rolex R & D Cal.9001 automatic movement, not only did not let the pendulum plate fine-tuning structure more streamlined, but a lot of complexity, in addition to the 31XX series of two fine-tuning screws, There is also a fine adjustment screw on each side of the fine adjustment screw, and the bottom of the fine adjustment screw "hidden" up. 3255 movement with a fine-tune the structure of the scale To the 2015 32XX movement, simply put the original 41XX movement of the pendulum bridge plate fine-tuning structure integrated into the pendulum bridge plate, also made the scale. So, this is not a new technology, but has been evolving in the 3XXX series is the first time. Summary: Rolex movement has always been known for precision and durability, and this behind, in addition to Rolex has a lot of special materials, structure, the more important point is that most parts of the Rolex movement, can be maintained in the latter part of the maintenance In the re-adjustment, rather than have to replace the parts, so even a few decades ago, Rolex watch, after maintenance, and now can still accurate travel time. Very popular in recent years, silicon hairspring, in recent years has gradually faded, very important reason is that silicon material is too brittle, damaged only after the replacement parts, on the one hand to improve maintenance costs, on the other hand, a few decades later These watchs or will face no replacement parts of the dilemma, can only be scrapped. So really good watch, in addition to now better to go outside, even a few hundred years later, it is equally important to be easily saved, no doubt, Rolex's durability is also reflected in this point.